I stated designing websites over 15 years ago; back when geocities and angelfire were all the rage. If you don’t remember either of those, be thankful!  I continued with web design through the full flash site phase, the tables era, and now into the CMS/wordpress and blogging specialty. After working with wordpress and CMS for about 8 years now, I don’t think they will be fading into the background as geocities ‘style’ did. There is just too much you can do with sites designed on this platform.

A correctly designed and programmed site will be easy for inexperienced users to simply log in and add and change content- with no fears of messing up the design, downloading or installing special programs, or learning to code.   A wordpress site can be a blog, like this one, or a static business site for information or e-commerce to sell your products. There isn’t much that a CMS platform can’t do.

I am a full time nursing student, but I still have bills and textbooks to buy so if you have a project please let me know and we can discuss it. If it is something I can manage with my schedule I would be happy to work with you!