Day 8, 9 pounds down!

screenshot_win8_recipelistMy new ‘diet’ has been going well- I did cheat a bit this weekend, but I have read that that is ok as long as you get back on the wagon ASAP! I have been loving finding new dinners to cook and logging all of my calories in I am also LOVING pepperplate, it is a free meal planning, recipe sharing, awesome site.  It is much like all of the other meal planning sites, but my favorite feature is how many food websites it ‘works’ with, meaning I can go to another site, find a recipe I want to try and click the ‘add to pepperplate’ bookmarklet and it gets added in perfectly, pictures, ingredients, everything.  I can also add it to my weekly planner, the shopping list, etc.  All for free!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of last nights dinner experiment, it was bold! We didn’t feel like going shopping so we decided to try to throw something together with what we had left in the fridge… Here is how it went; 

4 chicken breasts

1/2 green bell pepper

1/2 red bell pepper

3 stalks shallots

1/3 onion

1 can diced tomatoes

lots of seasoning- onion, basil, thyme, salt, pepper, etc. 

about 1/2 pound of fresh Cauliflower

some shredded mozzarella cheese 

5 small red potatoes (all we had left!)

In a big casserole dish we diced all the veggies, except the Cauliflower we just chopped into bite sized pieces. Drizzled on some olive oil, just a little though. Then added the chicken breasts on top, seasoned everything,  and finally poured the whole can of diced tomatoes on top. We covered it in tin foil and put in in a 375 degree oven for about 60 minutes, at the end we removed the tin foil and sprinkled on the cheese and put it in under broil for a few minutes just to melt the cheese.  

It was really really good! The bell peppers and chicken went together much better than I thought they would! We will be making it again with a few changes- definitely more veggies- more potatoes, maybe some carrots and squash even- and my hubby thinks maybe some rice on the bottom next time but I tend to get sick when I eat rice so I don’t love that idea…. even the baby loved it, and she is super picky! 

I really want to start a garden this year to save money on veggies, but I have NO green thumb so I don’t know about that! I am planning on getting one of those small food chopper upper things- so I can buy a bunch of bell peppers when they are on sale, chop them up and freeze them for later use- I think that will help a lot with quick cooking too! 



Serving Sizes, Lack of Support, and Being Irritable….

0523-portions-fries_awDay 5, I am hungry. But I know I am not hungry, I am just so used to eating insane portion sizes that my stomach feels empty even though it isn’t.   I am used to a bowl of cereal that I pour to nearly the top, topped with milk and sometimes even some sugar; now I am carefully measuring out one serving size with my handy new set of measuring spoons.  What a reality check!

Surprisingly, one serving of Cheerios DID make me feel satisfied, sadly though, so would have the four servings I used to eat- that goes to show that I was overeating so bad before.  It is going to take some massive will power but I am loving this so far. 

Unfortunately, my husband is not so on board, sure, he is ‘logging’ his calories, but I don’t think he is being accurate, and if he gets the tiniest little hunger pain he has to eat- making excuses like his body needs meat, or his body needs that…  honey, sorry to say, but your body would survive on it’s own for a month if you stopped eating today. He has at least 200 pounds to loose if not more…  the will power does not exist in him at all right now. 

That lack of will power on his part means he seems to want me to stop dieting too, so I will stop ‘helping’ him and just let him continue eating whatever he wants without doing a lick of activity… so if I slip up and say “a buffalo chicken burger sounds great but I am not wasting that many calories” he is quick to jump in and say things like ‘you can’t starve your body’, or ‘you need certain things to survive’.. and so on… no, I am not starving, I am eating my allowed calories, I am just choosing to make those calories be something besides one horrible fattening meal.  I am actually eating more than when I started, and the things I am eating are much healthier.  Sometimes I would like to fantasize about filling my stomach with something not good for me, but heaven forbid I say it out loud…  

Regardless, even though I am a bit irritable today; possibly the lack of sugar, lack of support, or both… I am still loosing weight and I am doing it for myself, not for my husband so he can suck it! lol (just kidding… kinda!)  


Day 4, Three Pounds Gone

healthy-diets-761081I have not yet added in any exercises to my ‘new me’ plan, because I have been pretty sick for the last week- but hopefully soon I will be able to get moving. Even without working out though, I have lost three pounds so far- just by logging what I eat (every bite), drinking a ton of water, and making what I do eat count for something- i.e. if I am going to consume 500 calories, it better have some veggies or other good for you stuff- not just a thing of fries… mmmmmm, fries… NO! 

There are a few free sites that I have been using to better get a handle on everything- the main one is, a calorie and activity tracking site with free apps for your phone or in my case, the Kindle Fire HD. I log everything I put in my mouth, any activity, my weight, etc. It helps a lot when I am thinking about what to eat, I can log in and see how many calories I have left for the day. 

Another is, lots of yummy recipies and food to check out, I even found a healthy alternative to buffalo chicken that I will be trying this week, Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites.  I will be sure to post when I try them and let you know how that went! 

I am noticing I am hungry today, but I think it is more in my head than anything else… trying to be strong and not cheat! I am really positive that I can pull this off and get to a place where I am happy with my body.