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Closed: Mixbook Photobook Review and giveaway!!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review the personalized photo books and special promotions at Mixbook. I got a 8.5×8.5 inch photo book printed and I was amazed at the quality! I even managed to work out a giveaway to one lucky reader (see bottom)! 

The ordering process was super easy, just drag and drop pictures into the pre-made pages, or for digital scrappers just choose the full-page template and drag your layout to the book.  The bleed areas were very small, the areas I thought would be cut off were not, and the ‘preview’ you get before you order was very accurate! I have pictures below to see the quality I need a better camera these pictures do it no justice.  The colors were right on with what I expected; no tint or anything abnormal like I got with other printers in the past. 

Oh, and even though it is the 8.5 inch size it seems at least an inch bigger than my 8 inch books as you can see in the comparison picture above.  8×8 seems too small, 12×12 too big, but I am loving this 8.5 inch size!

The Giveaway: 

The great people at Mixbook have offered one reader a free 20 page 8.5×8.5 photo book! This giveaway is super simple- just tell me what you would print a book of in the comments and you get one entry.  If you blog, facebook, or share this post online; leave another comment and I will add another entry.  Good luck! (Giveaway Closed- Winner is Paula M.- Thanks everyone!)


5 Fab Bloggers to Check Out

Thanks to Trop50 for sponsoring my writing about fabulous bloggers. This year Trop50 is granting 50 Fabulous Wishes. Click here to enter for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous!

It is so hard to pick just five fabulous bloggers, I read so many, and I have so many I love, so if you’re not on this list please don’t think I don’t like your blog… I am just bad at picking favorites! Anyway, I will take a go anyway, because I know you all know I love ya!

  1. Telling Dad and the Sweet Dreams FundGreg @ – there are sooo many reasons I love his blog.  The first being that he has been amazing to me over the years, we haven’t talked in a while, life gets in the way, but there has been quite a few times he helped me on a personal level when things were going bad.  Another reason is his dedication to his cause, The Sweet Dreams Fund that helps so many people all because of him. And of course because he is FUNNY, every post makes me laugh, he always has such a great outlook.
  2. My Very Own Aunt Kathy @ Everlasting - not only is she my aunt but her posts are so well written and heart warming, a wonderful devotional blog to read if you get a chance.
  3. Trisha @ MomDot – not only does she run the only forum I am really a part of (not lately but life has been crazy) but she is an amazing blogger/marketer. She has grown her blog and following in ways I can’t even fathom and is one of the hardest working bloggers I know.
  4. Darren @ – He is still going as strong today as he was back when I first started blogging over 7 years ago, using the advice on his blog I was able to grow my first blog ‘HomeBizBlogger’ enough to sell it a year later when I lost interest for over a thousand dollars.  His advice also helped me grow my ‘Confessions of a Housewife’ blog to produce a great full-time income for several years- if only I had followed his advice on not deleting a blog on a whim… lol- I was going through a personal ‘thing’ and terminated the blog completely… huge loss in income and Starting over was not easy, actually I never really started over, I haven’t put near as much time or effort into this blog as I did COH, it is more of my personal place- not a business like COH was.
  5. Lifehacker -  I am not even sure who runs this, but I am on it almost daily for fun or work purposes, they always have lots of useful tips and posts. If you haven’t visited you really should; the topics run all over the place, there is something about just about everything!

So there you go, those are the 5 fab bloggers you should visit today. Can’t wait to hear your top 5!

Don’t forget to Blog With Integrity for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous. I was selected for this Blog With Integrity sponsorship by the Blog With Integrity, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I received compensation to use and facilitate my post.


Monday Mingle- Edition 1

Monday MingleThis is a new meme I am participating in, looks like a great way to help you all get to know me better!  Monday Mingle is a Meme over at Eighty MPH Mom. Go over to her site, find the questions, take a video of the answers and post them to share. Then visit everyone that linked up and have fun getting to know each other.


Launch of and other Updates

I have been hard at work on a project for one of my best clients; my mother; and her new blog I think it turned out pretty nice, if I say so myself! Now that that is done I am almost caught up with everything that I got behind on when the whole hospital fiasco happened- I never thought I would catch up after that!

When I am not working on client projects I use my ‘down time’ on personal projects, I know I should probably try to use that time to sleep or something but who needs that?!? Something I have been working on for a while is finally nearing completion and getting ready to launch- and I am so exited about this one! I wish I could share more details now but then what fun would it be when it launches? (hint: it will make you money!)

I have been suffering from a bit of adult ADD or something lately- I can’t seem to stick to one task for more than a few minutes before I get distracted and start working on something else- I think it has something to do with the medicine I am on for my low blood pressure issue (aka POTS); the best treatment for extreme low blood pressure is an Amphetamine, like the Aderall I am on; more commonly given as a treatment for ADD ironically. Aside from the horrible concentration issues it does help me more than it hurts, I may not be able to concentrate for very long but at least I have enough energy to work on something, even if it is only for a few minutes at a time! An added bonus is the weight loss I have been getting since I was discharged from the hospital, I weight 8 pounds less than I did at my lightest ‘adult’ weight ever- everything has moved around though, I don’t have a 16 year old’s body for sure!

So thats a little of what’s going on here, still trying to get back to normal after everything that happened, but thankful to have the chance to continue on and do something I enjoy.