Back to my Scrappy Roots

Now that I am back in school I am no longer doing paid web design, but I needed something to keep my creative juices flowing, so I went back to scrapbooking!  I used to be big into paper scrapbooking, had a whole room full of supplies and everything- then life got busy and I stopped, but about 5 years ago I found out about digital scrapbooking.  I feel head over heels in love, just like paper scrapbooks you get to be creative- but there is no mess to clean up, no scraps of paper, lot’s less expense, and well- as a graphic designer- I love it!

I took a break after a while but saved all of my digital scrapbooking supplies (over 30 gigs on a external hard drive!) and am now back into it full swing, I love how portable it is, I can work on a page in-between classes, sometimes even during class if I am waiting on it to start!

I am already on three great creative teams, Plum Dumpling Designs, Inspirations from Day, and Faith True Originals.  So expect to hear more about them soon!  A creative team is where the designer ‘hires’ you to promote and work with their product, I get the new designs before they are in the stores, I make layouts with them and when the kit is released it is my job to post about it on forums, my blog, etc.  Being part of a creative team is important to me because I love being part of a team, and because I only join designers I love I know I will love working with their designs!

School is going great, I am two semesters in right now and still holding a 4.0, I have some hard classes this semester and have really surprised myself with how well I am doing! I just can’t wait to finish all of these pre-requisites and get into the actual nursing program!


I am in love… with this Scrapbook Supplies Organizer

I found the most amazing product tonight, it is called The Original Scrapbox and I so could have used this back when I was paper scrap booking!  Just seeing it makes me want to get back into it again- but I think I will stick with digital scrapbooking, where everything fits snuggly in a little external hard drive! LOL

They have some adorable options to organize your scrapbook paper and supplies,  aside from the big Workbox they also have smaller ones like the desks and the MiniBox.   I remember looking all over for something like this and could never find anything- my stuff was EVERYWHERE!  I may have kept scrapping if I had found something like this.

Of course I signed up for the affiliate program and snagged you a great coupon, use code 100ship to get $100 off your shipping cost when you order one! The Scrabooking Storage Box is fully transportable. It folds up into a handsome box, hiding all of your supplies from sight. The system comes with a collapsible work table and adjustable shelves. There are 83 removable canvass totes with label inserts that fold up for easy storage. There are also 20 removable clear zipper pouches in 3 sizes. Choose from a variety of solid wood finishes and colors to match your room.