Lack of Balance

StressingI feel like lately I am really struggling.  I can’t seem to get any of my ‘boxes’ under control, the house is a mess, school is really hard this semester, I feel like I am not spending enough time with my 4 year old, my health is falling apart because I can’t get enough sleep or eat right lately, and I am simply unbalanced all around.  

It isn’t that any of my daily tasks are all that difficult- there are just sooo many of them I need to do and so little time and energy to go around.  Then the cycle starts, don’t get everything done, more for tomorrow-  I am constantly adding more and more to my list because I couldn’t finish everything. Until eventually we run out of laundry, an assignment comes due,  someone gets sick, etc that makes it where I HAVE to do whatever it was that I was putting off. 

If I could just get my house clean and organized, but it has gotten so ‘messy’ that I have not been able to make progress, as soon as I get one room nice and clean it seems to explode in the other room- as I am cleaning that room- the room I had just cleaned seems to get used more.  I am sure it would help if I didn’t have a 4 year old and a husband that do not seem to care where ANYTHING goes- ever… lol I am out of luck there! I have thought about hiring someone to come in and help me get it done- but I am not rich for one, and for two- I kinda don’t want anyone to see the ‘forgotten corners’ you know, the parts of the house everything goes when I am cleaning the parts everyone sees? lol

I really need to get everything balanced, make a schedule, stick to it, make a doctor appointment about my insomnia and headaches so I actually have the energy needed to get stuff done once and for all. Sadly, I KNOW how to fix it, I just can’t seem to get it done.  Maybe writing this post will help to motivate me- it is out there- everyone can see how unorganized I am- now I have to fix it! :-)



Friday Goals: Spider Fears and Father-in-Law Visits

Today I am going to clean, not just normal cleaning but facing my fear type cleaning!  We have some board games stacked up on top of the pantry and fridge, I looked up there last night and noticed what I hope are dust webs… if they are not made of dust then the potential that I will run into a spider is great… NOT looking forward to that!  Planning on cleaning the inside of the fridge and panty while I am at it!

I also need to do some general cleaning, as my Father-in-Law is suppost to be visiting on Saturday to help my husband get our car fixed before I have to return to school this month.  Hopefully he will be able to make it and they will be able to fix the car without any blood or tears being shed! 

I am hoping they get it fixed and end in a good mood, and if we are lucky it won’t cost a ton! Crossing my fingers!! 

What do you have planned today? Any big tasks before you start your weekend?


Circle Cleaning… How I get things Organized Quickly

You know cleaning is no fun right? And one part of the reason I am writing this post is to avoid cleaning right now!  But I do have a method, one that works out amazing for me, it saves time, energy and more gets done (the right way).  Let’s start with the wrong way,  I used to clean like a chicken with my head cut off, running here, running there, putting things up and going back where I started… it took forever and I never really got anywhere.  Years ago I started a new routine, the circle clean… here’s how it works.

First get a trash bag, your cleaning supply caddy and a basket; I use a laundry basket;  then pick a room and start in one corner, anything in that corner that does not belong I move to the right (onto the dresser, table, or in the basket if there isn’t a place to sit it) until that corner is clean, dusted and organized.  Now move to the right, put up anything that goes in that spot, moving what does not belong to the right (this includes putting trash in the bag, moving dishes to the right – no stopping to go put that glass in the kitchen- just move it with you), dust the area and move on to the next spot until you get back to your starting corner.

If you followed along and are anything like me you will now have a few dishes, some laundry, and other odds and ends that didn’t have a ‘home’ along the way.  Now you distribute those items, dishes in the sink, laundry in the laundry room, things that have a ‘home’ in that room get put away, if they belong in another room just take them with you in the basket to the next room and repeat the process.

I start at one end of my house and do room by room, circle by circle (well, I guess it would be more of a square but who cares!) By the time I am done everything has a home and a place to stay and I usually end up with a decent amount of things that don’t have a home anywhere yet.  These are the things you need to either purge (trash, sell, donate, etc.) or make a new home for them.

The first few times you do this it will take a little longer, especially if you have a lot of clutter and things that don’t belong.  After a few times though it gets quicker and you get better and giving things homes.   I have different levels for this too,  the ‘quick circle’ just deals with things on surfaces and the floor, then the ‘deep circle’ goes into each drawer and cabinet, re-organizing and purging as I go- I don’t do the deep one nearly as much as I should but the house can ‘look’ really clean in a jiffy!!

What about you, do you have any tips or advice to share with everyone to help us get clean and organized faster?


You ever feel like your going in circles?

Today has been one of those ‘modays’ where instead of actually getting anything done I managed to add on more things to do!  I worked all day, between blogging, researching, design, etc. etc. but I didn’t actually accomplish anything!   In fact I managed to create more work :-)

I am hoping tomorrow I will be able to actually finish some of the tasks I started on today and finally mark some things of that dreaded list instead of just making it longer!

How about you, do you have days like this? How do you manage them, and tips or advice on getting past this issue?  Time management has never been my strongest ability but today took the cake!  I just want one day where I can say I finished everything I set out to do.  Maybe I need to make easier lists or something!


I am in love… with this Scrapbook Supplies Organizer

I found the most amazing product tonight, it is called The Original Scrapbox and I so could have used this back when I was paper scrap booking!  Just seeing it makes me want to get back into it again- but I think I will stick with digital scrapbooking, where everything fits snuggly in a little external hard drive! LOL

They have some adorable options to organize your scrapbook paper and supplies,  aside from the big Workbox they also have smaller ones like the desks and the MiniBox.   I remember looking all over for something like this and could never find anything- my stuff was EVERYWHERE!  I may have kept scrapping if I had found something like this.

Of course I signed up for the affiliate program and snagged you a great coupon, use code 100ship to get $100 off your shipping cost when you order one! The Scrabooking Storage Box is fully transportable. It folds up into a handsome box, hiding all of your supplies from sight. The system comes with a collapsible work table and adjustable shelves. There are 83 removable canvass totes with label inserts that fold up for easy storage. There are also 20 removable clear zipper pouches in 3 sizes. Choose from a variety of solid wood finishes and colors to match your room.