My Journey to Become a Nurse

Three years ago, in March of 2011 I Our Class Schedule! my decision to become a nurse. In the three years since then things have been crazy!  After a ton of prerequisite classes I was Our Class Schedule! into the RN program in August 2013.  I have learned so much about myself in this journey, I have learned to be more outgoing along with how to start being a nurse.  It is said that most of the learning for nurses takes place after you graduate, and I believe it. We have learned a lot, don’t get me wrong- but I don’t feel ready at all to be a nurse on my own!  I graduate in May of 2015, then I take my boards and can officially work as a nurse.  I couldn’t be more excited!

Our Class Schedule!

Our Class Schedule!

My time in the program has been intense, emotional, scary, and one of the hardest journeys I have had to make. Being a mom and a nursing student is by no means easy! My husband helps as much as he can, but his schedule makes it where I do most of the parenting on my own. Now that Taylor is six years old that has been a challenge. She is really coming into her own little personality, and it is a lot like mine! Eeeek! I would like to thank my mother for that, her curse on me that I should one day have a child just like me has come true.

I have found strength in myself with every test, every challenge in the program that I thought I couldn’t overcome. While the classes and information were tough, I think the hardest adjustment for me is the people.  For years before I returned to college I was a blogger, a stay at home mom, a wife- I didn’t really interact with people aside from in grocery stores or preschool.  The prerequisite classes got me used to dealing with people in general; but a whole new problem happened once I actually got in the program…

I had heard that nursing programs were full of drama, all across the country- but I didn’t believe it, I mean why would people be so cruel to each other when we are all after the same goal?  Turns out the rumors were true, sadly I have encountered a lot of this.  There is nothing more depressing than feeling ashamed because you did well on a test just because others did not do as well. When we started everyone would share what they made on a test- we were excited! After a few tests though, those of us who were doing well had to start keeping our ‘win’ to ourselves because of the amount of dirty looks and judgement from others.  It has been a hard road to go down, and things did get better over time; I think it was a mixture of keeping my score to myself and the fact that the most hurtful classmates happened to fail out of the program along the way.

The clinical experience; where we do hands on training at hospitals; has been wonderful though. I have learned a lot, including what not to do in some cases!  I have been able to work in acute settings like the ICU and the emergency room, as well as in medical-surgical units and hospice facilities.  I loved the emergency room and the hospice rotation the most, and plan on working in both during the course of my career.

I start my last semester in January; Pediatrics and Obstetrics. Once I survive that semester I will be eligible to take the NCLEX and find a job in nursing.  The idea of working as a nurse excites me so much, one of the other hardest parts of nursing school is the money- or lack of it.  I am very much tired of being broke, tired of trying to figure out how to fit in groceries and Christmas presents in the same block of money. It will be a welcome change to do all this work and actually get a check instead of paying out for it.

I am loving my journey, hardships and all. It is bringing out strength that I never thought I had. My biggest regret is that I waited so long to begin. Although, I don’t think the twenty year old me could have pulled this off!  I will be counting down the hours until May 8th 2015 for sure!


Last Semester of Nursing School!

some giveawaysI am finally at the end, I can see my prize- the letters RN will be tagged onto my name after just one more semester! I have a final this week, on Friday- then a nice extended winter break before I go back in January to complete my final semester of nursing school! It has been a LONG journey, one that I am happy I went on but NEVER want to do again! :-) I have missed blogging, my family, and my sanity!

I am going to take advantage of this ‘break’ by getting my blog in order, catching up, and doing some giveaways to thank you for remaining faithful while I was too busy to pop in and post!

I am trying to keep myself from going crazy on pintrest and starting all sorts of new crafts- I am not the kind of mom that can pull that off as well as some can; my attempt would probably end up featured on a site like Pintrosity!

I have always WANTED to be that mom- but never have I been able to pull off something as cute as I can imagine it in my head! I even tried sewing a while back thinking that it would be easy to get down- no! I made a pillow case style dress for my daughter that ended up looking more like an actual pillow than a dress of any kind!

What about you? Any crafting fails or successes recently? Are you a pintrest mom that can pull off and post all those amazing things I see everyday?


No Rest for the Wicked

"Happy Mother's Day" -dust!?!

“Happy Mother’s Day” -dust!?!

This year has absolutely flown by. Last week we helped the Nursing Class of 2014 graduate, which puts us at the top! We are next! Just under a year now before I get to walk to the stage and get my degree, then to another ceremony to get pinned.  The semester we just finished was a rough one, we lost about a quarter of our class; at least.  Right now we are in our skills rotation, which is 90 hours of clinical time spread over 9 days, I had a few days between shifts so I thought I would be productive and try to blog some. I miss being able to blog when I want, the last year I had zero time between reading, studying, class, clinicals, and spending time with Taylor when I could! After skills we do Mental Health, it is the shortest semester but I think it will be the most fun for me!

I also accepted a ‘quick’ blog design job since I have a little more free time during this semester. Hopefully that will go as smoothly as planned and I will finish up before I start the Mental Health unit!  That bit of income will help buy the next round of books and supplies for school.

Mother’s Day was yesterday and was super sweet; I got a handmade bowl and some other goodies from my daughter, and she sent me a Maily that she made all by herself! Although she wrote ‘dust’ I am hoping she meant something else, and of course she said she couldn’t remember when I asked her!  She is getting so much better at reading and sounding out words. I wish she would stop growing for just a bit, it is all so fast!


Nursing School Updates



So, I am four weeks into the nursing program.  I am both loving it and hating it at the same time. I understand the content, I am loving learning new things, and even though I have NEVER read so much for a class I enjoy it. What I am not enjoying is the drama, the cliques, the ‘not knowing what to expect’ because the program made so many changes with our class that it is a hot mess now.  I did pass my first two tests though- so yay! 

However, even with all the unease, this will make graduation so much sweeter, the groups will change, the people will change.  I don’t think any of this would affect me as bad if it were not for all the drama in other parts of my life at this time.  My husband got laid off the Friday before I started classes, my financial aid is a disaster that I am striving to get fixed before refund checks are sent out so we can pay some bills, my daughter started kindergarten, and I am pretty sure one of my tires will blow out any day now. 

I should be reading now in fact, but I felt the need for a little break so here I am. (Procrastinate much?) I do love that I really do feel like I am learning something, something useful at least. The fact that it is all making sense so far is awesome too! I have days I wake up thinking there is no WAY I can do this… but the next day I wake up renewed and refreshed and excited to get back to it.  I will be much more at ease once my program settles down on the back-end and all the professors get on the same page, which is happening, slowly but surely.  I can’t blame them for how harsh they get at times, this change is hard on them as well, I just have to remind myself that this is all new for all of us, and we will survive, no matter what happens. I hope…. 


I got in!!! RN Class of 2015!

i-can-t-keep-calm-because-i-just-got-accepted-into-nursing-schoolFINALLY! Two years of prerequisites and co-requisites and I finally got the letter I have been waiting on- I got in!! I start classes in August and should finish in May of 2015. Life is going to change, I will be even more busy than I have been but at least I am on the final road now, no longer trying to make it to the main avenue!  

I have recently joined a gym to try to get rid of some of the ‘freshman 15 (50)’ I have gained, when we start clinicals in September our uniforms are all white- I so don’t want to be a marshmallow look-a-like! :-)

I am so excited to get started; our orientation is on the 25th and I wish it would get here already! I want to know everything!  I will be going to my mom’s in Dallas for about a month between orientation and when classes start so that will help keep me distracted I hope! Time has practically stopped since the letter got here! 

In other news- my daughter graduated pre-school last week- winning an award for being the most dramatic of her class….. yeah, proud parenting moment there!  It sure fits her though!  Her first day of kindergarten is also my first day of nursing school so it will be a exciting day all around!