Big Changes Happening… Scary Stuff… Kinda..

Big ChangesRecently my husband lost his job, a job he has had for almost 6 years- working 50+ hours a week and thinking he would retire there, one day running the company. He was so vested in this job he used to talk about it in his sleep.

But a while back things started to go bad, ownership changed and something went wrong, the pressure on his boss changed I guess, from running the company to being fully vested in it and the relationship between my husband and his boss went from good friends (even family friends- we still have him and his wife as emergency contacts for Taylor’s daycare), but work got more stressful, the work wasn’t getting busier in terms of customers, but the organization of the company and treatment of employees started going down hill.

Joseph Happy

I finally have THIS guy back!

It was affecting Joseph more than he will ever admit, he felt degraded and hurt by how he was talked to at work. Now I wasn’t there, and he has never told me any of the exact events that hurt him so much but I can say without a doubt that it changed him, it got progressively worse over time, and my husband went from a happy, positive, amazingly helpful husband and father to a sad, sensitive, depressed and easily irritated man. This was NOT my husband, I wanted him to quit a long time ago but he kept hoping things would get better, that things would change. It didn’t…. It got to a point at one time where I was seriously considering leaving him, I just couldn’t deal with the changes in him- but I stuck it through, knowing he was in there somewhere and hopefully things would change and he would ‘come back’.

As scary as him not having a job anymore is, financially, I am so happy right now, it has been 11 days since he stopped working and by day 3 my husband was back… his mood was sooo much better, he helped around the house more (especially since my online work is now paying all the bills!) He isn’t as negative as he was just two weeks ago, we are able to talk to each other without walking on eggshells and I am loving it.

So the plan is for him to look for a new job, but here in Lake City those are VERY hard to come by, especially jobs that pay even 3/4’s of what he was making, but he is looking. I am scheduled to start school for the PCT program in May, that should be about 12 weeks. In the meantime he will try to get unemployment if he can’t find something that will make decent wages, but not take a job for minimum wage because that would be less helpful to us than if he was just at home playing the role of ‘stay at home dad’ because I work online so much I have to either put taylor in Daycare or have him watch her while I work, and a McDonalds job would not justify that.

money fear

I am making almost enough to support us, now that I have my design page back up and running my income will should be enough to support us, not nearly with the lifestyle we had before but able to get by until I finish school or he finds a job.   We have been wanting to get out of this area for years now, were only staying here because of his job, so now that that is not an issue we are looking at jobs in other areas too.

So yeah, it is big changes, scary changes, the money making rests on me right now and that is scary.  But I think it is worth it to have my husband back, to be a family again and that is the most important thing to me- money is only money, as long as we can keep food in our belly and a roof over our head I will take being broke over being unhappy any day.  This may be the change that opens up new doors for us, leading us to a new town, better people, and more money in the long run if we play this right.


Internet Sweepstakes and Giveaways

More infoI wanted to share a new source of money for me, Instant Cash Sweepstakes, I am hooked, and already cashed out after only about a week, it wasn’t much at all but I had fun making that little bit LOL  It is something to do that requires no money, no brain power- and pays.

You just answer a few polls like the one in the widget below.  Once you answer the polls (they limit the amount you can do every 3 hours or so so you can’t sit there and do it all day- only like 10-15 minutes every few hours to win).  Anyway, after you finish each poll you ‘win’, you can win cash (.01 cents to lots lots more), coins (which are used to enter into the $2 drawing every 4 hours) or ‘tickets’ (used to enter the daily $50 prize)

Here is the best part, for everyone you refer you match them, only one level deep- so if they take a survey and win .25 cents you also get .25, if they win the $2 drawing you win $2 too! So if you have a large network of friends and online people then you can win even more.

Like I said though, this is not a full time job, this is not big money (it could be but not on a regular basis- just the few times you win the big prizes. LOL).  You can cash out to your paypal acount after just $2 and I already have and the payment came pretty quick.   The longer you play it he more you win, the more you play then the higher your levels can go, your levels are earned by answering questions honestly when they do demographic polls (like “are you male” yes or no)  They ask these to be sure that you were both honest in your profile and to make sure you are reading the questions and not just picking a random answer.  But since you are only taking like 5 short polls every three hours or so you shouldn’t be in such a rush that you have to pick randomly.

Its fun, its free, go sign up and win some money!


A few sites to make a little Money Online

I have been meaning to tell yall for a while about a few sites I have joined and had some success with (either financially or just for fun!)  The fist one is Crowdtap- it is fairly new, and is a site to answer short polls and questions to get information for companies, it is super easy to sign up and so far I have made about 3 dollars- not much but for the little bit of work I have done it is well worth it!  Warning- it is addictive!

Another one is Groupon, you don’t make money there (that I know of) but you can save money.  They list a daily deal for your area that you can get and often they are really good ones, today’s in my town was a $20 gift card to a local restaurant for only $10.  This site works out best if you live in a major area, but it is well worth it if you live near one like I do, you can find deals and have them ready when you travel.

Search & WinLastly, my absolute favorite, Swagbucks!  I have been with this site for a few years and get about 2 amazon gift cards a month, at $5 each they add up pretty quick!  All of this just by doing a few searches a day using the swag search, just like google and you make ‘swag bucks’ you then trade the bucks for rewards- like I usually get the amazon cards for 450 swagbucks.  If I were to remember to use this daily I would probably end up making a lot more, but I tend to forget and only end up with enough for about 2 cards a month.  I search everyday anyway, so it is great to be able to ‘make money’ while doing it.  Oh- and the amazon cards can be stacked, you just add it to your account and they can add up to whatever you want.

Ok, those are MY favorites, what am I missing out on, what are your top sites to play on, make money, or whatever? I love adding new sites to my ‘refresher’ file (the sites I visit when overwhelmed with work to get a clear head and start back fresh) Would love to see your list- feel free to leave an affiliate link- as long as it isn’t spam I will be glad to let it through!