I got in!!! RN Class of 2015!

i-can-t-keep-calm-because-i-just-got-accepted-into-nursing-schoolFINALLY! Two years of prerequisites and co-requisites and I finally got the letter I have been waiting on- I got in!! I start classes in August and should finish in May of 2015. Life is going to change, I will be even more busy than I have been but at least I am on the final road now, no longer trying to make it to the main avenue!  

I have recently joined a gym to try to get rid of some of the ‘freshman 15 (50)’ I have gained, when we start clinicals in September our uniforms are all white- I so don’t want to be a marshmallow look-a-like! :-)

I am so excited to get started; our orientation is on the 25th and I wish it would get here already! I want to know everything!  I will be going to my mom’s in Dallas for about a month between orientation and when classes start so that will help keep me distracted I hope! Time has practically stopped since the letter got here! 

In other news- my daughter graduated pre-school last week- winning an award for being the most dramatic of her class….. yeah, proud parenting moment there!  It sure fits her though!  Her first day of kindergarten is also my first day of nursing school so it will be a exciting day all around!


  1. I am so proud of you, Eve! I know this has been a long time coming and you have worked so hard! Congratulations!


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    I got in!!! RN Class of 2015! – Everyday Eve

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    I got in!!! RN Class of 2015! – Everyday Eve

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    I got in!!! RN Class of 2015! – Everyday Eve

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