Messy Days

Do you think if I had made my bed this morning that my day would have been less messy?  Is there a correlation between how we begin our day and how our day unfolds?  Or, is there just nothing we can do to avoid the mess?  Because, I am telling you that today was quite messy.  The kind of messy that quickly highlighted the fact that I have done absolutely nothing to uphold my commitment to 365 days of action.

Yep, you’ve guessed it.  Five days have come and gone since my 41st birthday and I have done nothing out of the ordinary that could be considered extraordinary.  How is it possible that I have utilized zero of the 200 action words that I so proudly claimed as my guide to enlightenment?  Is it possible that I am afraid of change or how great life could be if I chose to maximize my potential each day?

So, today I am choosing my first action word, PRAYING.  I am choosing to end this evening in prayer.  And, I am choosing to begin each day in prayer.  I am choosing to pray without ceasing and to be in constant communication with God, my Father.


Lord God, I thank you for your grace and your mercy.  I thank you for this opportunity to share my life and to document my journey to self-discovery.  I pray that you will cover me as I embark on this new way of living.  I pray for discernment to know your will, wisdom to do your will, and the discipline to be obedient to your will.  I pray that your truth is revealed in my life.  I pray that you will transform me into the woman you have always desired me to be.  Lord God, I pray that my journey will be a blessing to others and bring glory to your kingdom.  I pray that you will form a community of believers who are passionate about you and living according to your will.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.



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