Missing the Mark…

For weeks I have been anxiously anticipating the day I would be able to fill the horrid blank space on my living room wall adjacent to the television.  And, tonight was the night.  The night where all of my home décor dreams would come true.  And, then, it happened.  It was like I was watching a video clip on repeat.  But, it wasn’t a video.  It was me.  It was me deliberately making four holes in my living room wall in an attempt to find the perfect spot for my perfect mirror.  Who knew that there would be four failed attempts to hang the mirror in just the right spot on the wall?  I did.  How did I know?  I knew because missing the mark is a pattern for me.  Especially, when it comes to hanging wall décor.  Seriously, I miss the mark all the time.  But, that is okay.  Apply a little spackle and paint, and the wall is like new.

Only if life were that simple.

Seven days ago I made a promise to myself… again.  I promised that I would finally begin living a healthier lifestyle.  I promised that I would actually use the knowledge and skills I possess to my advantage.  You see, unlike the wall, my body is not so easily repaired.  In fact, it takes much more than a Band-Aid and two Tylenol to heal my body.  It takes a conscious effort and a long lasting commitment.  It’s making the right choices and hitting the mark daily.

I often joke that each day I say to myself, “today is the today.”  Today is the day that I will be more active.  Today is the day that I will eat healthy.  Today is the day that I will meal prep.  Today is the day that I will cook dinner.  Today is the day that I will take my lunch to work.  And, unfortunately, today comes and goes without me fulfilling my personal commitment.

Why is it so easy for me to hit the mark in so many other areas of my life; and, continue to miss the mark when it comes to my health?  The frustration in this area is so unbelievable.  And, at this point I am tired of starting over.

Too be honest, I would like to tell you that things will be different. That from this day forward I will hit the mark.  But, the reality is that it’s not that simple.  However, I can share my goals.

  • Goal #1: Research Low Carb Meal Plans
  • Goal #2: Create a Shopping List
  • Goal #3: Shop
  • Goal #4: Buy a Scale (???)
  • Goal #5: Commit to One (1) Month of a Low Carb Lifestyle

Wish me luck!



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