Feeling Inspired (Minimal Living)

I wish I could explain how inspired and excited I am feeling at this moment.  I have spent most of my afternoon exploring apartmenttherapy.com and thekitchn.com.  And, I think I am finely seeing the direction my life is going to take.  I am finally experiencing what could only be considered passion.  I am hopeful and optimistic.  I feel like God’s will is being revealed.

If you read one of my earlier posts, then you know  my goal is to live a year in action.  And, you also know that I have struggled with how that would look.  The truth is that I so wanted this blog to be pretty and fun.  But, I am now realizing that Every Day Eve is truly about growth.  And, I don’t just mean my growth.  Every Day Eve is about our growth.

Like I stated, I think I have discovered my passion.  Or, at least one of my passions.  And, it is living a minimalist life.  For years I have loved all things budgeting and debt freedom related.  Naturally, I am a minimalist at heart.  I enjoy purging.  And, it is difficult for me to live in a cluttered environment for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, I have not always been intentional and purposeful with my day-to-day actions.

I am super giddy about applying minimal living principles and sharing my victories and lessons learned with each of you.  I am thrilled that Every Day Eve will provide me the opportunity to document my journey of intentional living.

In my last post I shared five goals regarding living a healthy lifestyle.  And, since then I have decided that I was approaching healthy living the wrong way.  I was doing it based on others’ success stories, and not according to who I am as a person.

I will approach becoming my best self by doing the things I love and the things I think I might enjoy.  I will embrace minimal living.  I will embrace frugal living.  And, I will share this journey with you all.

So my new goals are:

  • Continue to research and learn more about minimal and frugal living
  • Apply the principles I learn
  • Share my journey with others
  • Reap the benefits

Now this is something I can definitely do. Please feel free to share any advice you might have based on your experiences.




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