The Why of Minimal Living

In less than six hours my alarm will gently sound alerting me that it is once again time to rise.  Therefore, we all know I should be preparing for bed instead of typing this post.  

But, really… Who can sleep when she has so much to share! 

You see, this evening I had the pleasure of attending a truly amazing Women’s Ministry event at church.  The keynote speaker, Heather, wowed us with a wonderful message titled “Webbed In”.  Her thoughts were neatly packaged in a PowerPoint presentation; and, she provided each attendee with a handy-dandy outline.  Yes, handouts.  Y’all know I was like a kid in a candy store.  I couldn’t get enough.  I fervently used my red ink pen to underline, circle, star and bring attention to all major points.  I was fascinated by her style of presenting and her overall stage presence.  However, it was Heather’s message pertaining to service and community that resonated most with me. 

The more she spoke, the more I listened.  I enthusiastically processed ways to apply her message.  The more I processed, the more excited I became.  And, then it happened.  I found myself jotting down these words: “reason to minimalist… clutter-things-possessions-debt-free to serve.”  Yes, I know those words do not form a complete sentence.  And, yes, I know those words are a grammatical nightmare for some.  But, for me, those words were like my alarm, a gentle reminder that it’s time.  It’s time to rise to the challenge of minimal living.  It’s time to live free of all “things” that continuously distract me from being obedient and serving according to God’s will.  

The why of minimal living is simple.  FREEDOM.  Freedom to live in community.  Freedom to give.  Freedom to love.  And, freedom to serve. 

I’m thankful Heather reminded me of the following:

  1. Serving helps us fulfill who we were created to be
  2. Serving helps us bear fruit and grow in our relationship with God
  3. Serving has a profound impact on others
  4. Serving is a gateway to community

I hope you will share your WHY.




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