Trash or Treasure (Minimal Living)


019028ac23d168828c2bd93379e74d5d2c445eb687_00001Tonight I decided to empty that one storage bin that has been overflowing off to the side of my bedroom since I moved into my home in April.  As part of embracing minimalism, it is imperative that I commit to purging and paring down items immediately. 


So, what was hanging out in the blue box?

  • Papers from the purchase of my home
  • Blank checks
  • At least 10 books, I still need to read
  • Back scratcher
  • Toiletries
  • Toiletry hanging organization (2)
  • Jewelry
  • Papers/Journals
  • Magazines (Home Décor and Organization of course)
  • And, a host of other items.

I’m not sure I truly realized how much clutter and junk were being stored in my room along with some very important items.  I shudder to think of all the things that could have gone wrong if I continued to ignore the pile.  Interestingly enough, although I have a lot of empty drawer and shelf space, I did not have an identified space for most of those items.  So, since there wasn’t an identified space I chose to trash a lot of things.  And, unfortunately, because I chose to be a collector of “stuff”, it took about two hours of my evening.  That alone is enough to keep me committed to minimal living. 

015e192a728dd86c0042a9479081ddbb36968eea22Here’s to less stuff equaling less stress and better focus.  I am hoping that since there is only a bed and dresser in my room now, that I will sleep more peacefully.  Tomorrow when I rise I should be a new woman. 

Leave a comment if you would like to know more about how I decide what to keep and what to purge.




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