Collecting Moments

For years I have really enjoyed learning more about budgeting and financial freedom.  And, for years I have straddled the fence.  One moment I’m all in and other times I’m buying furniture for my entire house.  Why oh why is it so difficult to stay committed?

So, here I go again.  I have my budget in hand and I’ve planned for the month of September.  But, beyond that I am going to commit to a spending freeze.  Yep, I’m going cold turkey.  It’s truly time to commit to being a better steward of my finances.



So, what’s a spending freeze?  It’s a commitment to not spending when it comes to purchasing things I want.  For me, my weaknesses are home décor and dining out.  No comforter.  No lamp.  No entryway bench.  No bedroom wall décor.  I am sure this is going to be difficult, but with lots of prayer and a plan, I know I can do this.

  1.  Budget – I’ve created a budget for the month of September.  But, beyond that I’ve already scheduled payments for all of my bills.  This way I know exactly what I have for the remainder of the month.
  2. Savings – This is automatic, because it is truly important that I am constantly saving for my short-term and long-term goals.
  3. Cooking – Oh boy… This will be a challenge.  First, because I am not the best cook.  And, secondly because it so difficult to cook for one person.  However, I will commit to eating at home and taking my lunch for the month of September.
  4. Free – Identify and plan free or low cost activities.

I recommend visiting for more information about budgeting and financial freedom.  The site has great tools.  I especially love the We Did It! Success Stories when I need to be encouraged.

I would love to hear what your doing to reach your financial goals.  I hope you’ll share.




2 thoughts on “Collecting Moments

  1. Enjoyed reading your post and reminded me of a wonderful course I took with Lynne Twist called “True Prosperity”. For me right now it is less about budgeting but more about creating more income so I have something to budget with. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment. I totally get it. I’m always looking for ways to generate extra income. i definitely wish you the best of luck! Keep me posted. 😊

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