Collecting Moments


For years I have really enjoyed learning more about budgeting and financial freedom.  And, for years I have straddled the fence.  One moment I’m all in and other times I’m buying furniture for my entire house.  Why oh why is it so difficult to stay committed? So, here I go again.  I have my budget […]

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Trash or Treasure (Minimal Living)


  Tonight I decided to empty that one storage bin that has been overflowing off to the side of my bedroom since I moved into my home in April.  As part of embracing minimalism, it is imperative that I commit to purging and paring down items immediately.  So, what was hanging out in the blue […]

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The Why of Minimal Living

Alarm Clock

In less than six hours my alarm will gently sound alerting me that it is once again time to rise.  Therefore, we all know I should be preparing for bed instead of typing this post.   But, really… Who can sleep when she has so much to share!  You see, this evening I had the pleasure of […]

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Feeling Inspired (Minimal Living)

I wish I could explain how inspired and excited I am feeling at this moment.  I have spent most of my afternoon exploring and  And, I think I am finely seeing the direction my life is going to take.  I am finally experiencing what could only be considered passion.  I am hopeful and […]

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Messy Days


Do you think if I had made my bed this morning that my day would have been less messy?  Is there a correlation between how we begin our day and how our day unfolds?  Or, is there just nothing we can do to avoid the mess?  Because, I am telling you that today was quite messy.  The kind […]

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A Year in Action

Sample List - Year in Action

It’s crazy to think that I have just celebrated my 41st birthday.  And, that possibly, there are more years behind me than lie before me.  And, it’s difficult to believe that I have allowed myself to spend so much time dreaming, pondering, thinking, wanting and wishing. Here is my truth. I have been restless for several years […]

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