Nursing Process… Car Trouble… Fun times!


Our Beautiful Borrowed Boat

I am almost halfway through the nursing program and am feeling the stress! Tests every 2 weeks, clinicals, reading, case studies, etc. On top of that, our car broke down- blown head gasket! Our father-in-law thankfully had a car we could borrow for a while, so that is helping, but the gas mileage is terrible- about 12 miles to the gallon if we are lucky. Because of the triples gas expenses we are so broke right now that isn’t even funny. Yesterday I had to dig for change to get Taylor some milk. Of course she is growing like a weed and now all of her pants are high-waters, no chance of getting her new clothes anytime soon so bad mommy guilt there. 

See the boat? I actually love it, it is comfortable and big- and I feel super safe in it- but it is just so expensive! And it only goes about 65 on the interstate- I need to make a sign so people don’t get so mad at me! lol

If I can just make it through to May 2015 we will be ok, I will graduate and everything will be better. This next year is going to be rough! Finally bit the bullet and made a goFundMe page, you can visit it here.  I hate asking for help, really really hate it, but if we are going to get through this rough patch then I need to embrace the ability to get help from strangers. 



Christmas Colds and New Year Resolutions


This year has been awesome, between new friends and visiting family I couldn’t ask for more. Well, that’s a lie, I would love to have more time, or more money, but I couldn’t ask for more of anything I could actually get!  With the new year coming, I am making a plan to make next year even better.  With only 492 days until I graduate as a nurse, I want to enjoy every painful minute of the process… Nursing school is intense, fun, wild, and a little stressful; but even with all the stress this is the only time I will do this, so I should cherish it somehow!

One of my plans to make sure next year is not as stressful is cleaning and organizing the house a bit better, everything needs a home and if I can’t make one then it needs OUT of the house!  With all the toys Taylor got for Christmas this job is going to be a difficult one for sure, nothing I can’t manage though. 

I am also going to start eating better, more veggies, more fruit, lots more water! I am wondering if the cleaning of the house will be harder to accomplish than this one!  I need to do something though, I am tired of getting colds and being tired all the time.  

Lastly, I will be trying to blog more often, I need to make time for me, blogging has always been my ‘me time’ and making time to get some of that will help me get on track with everything else. 

So from our messy, unorganized, head cold filled house- Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I hope 2014 brings you all a ton of happiness!


Nursing School Updates



So, I am four weeks into the nursing program.  I am both loving it and hating it at the same time. I understand the content, I am loving learning new things, and even though I have NEVER read so much for a class I enjoy it. What I am not enjoying is the drama, the cliques, the ‘not knowing what to expect’ because the program made so many changes with our class that it is a hot mess now.  I did pass my first two tests though- so yay! 

However, even with all the unease, this will make graduation so much sweeter, the groups will change, the people will change.  I don’t think any of this would affect me as bad if it were not for all the drama in other parts of my life at this time.  My husband got laid off the Friday before I started classes, my financial aid is a disaster that I am striving to get fixed before refund checks are sent out so we can pay some bills, my daughter started kindergarten, and I am pretty sure one of my tires will blow out any day now. 

I should be reading now in fact, but I felt the need for a little break so here I am. (Procrastinate much?) I do love that I really do feel like I am learning something, something useful at least. The fact that it is all making sense so far is awesome too! I have days I wake up thinking there is no WAY I can do this… but the next day I wake up renewed and refreshed and excited to get back to it.  I will be much more at ease once my program settles down on the back-end and all the professors get on the same page, which is happening, slowly but surely.  I can’t blame them for how harsh they get at times, this change is hard on them as well, I just have to remind myself that this is all new for all of us, and we will survive, no matter what happens. I hope…. 


I got in!!! RN Class of 2015!

i-can-t-keep-calm-because-i-just-got-accepted-into-nursing-schoolFINALLY! Two years of prerequisites and co-requisites and I finally got the letter I have been waiting on- I got in!! I start classes in August and should finish in May of 2015. Life is going to change, I will be even more busy than I have been but at least I am on the final road now, no longer trying to make it to the main avenue!  

I have recently joined a gym to try to get rid of some of the ‘freshman 15 (50)’ I have gained, when we start clinicals in September our uniforms are all white- I so don’t want to be a marshmallow look-a-like! :-)

I am so excited to get started; our orientation is on the 25th and I wish it would get here already! I want to know everything!  I will be going to my mom’s in Dallas for about a month between orientation and when classes start so that will help keep me distracted I hope! Time has practically stopped since the letter got here! 

In other news- my daughter graduated pre-school last week- winning an award for being the most dramatic of her class….. yeah, proud parenting moment there!  It sure fits her though!  Her first day of kindergarten is also my first day of nursing school so it will be a exciting day all around!


22 Days to go…

600px-MA_Route_22_svgWell, I somehow survived this semester- it was very intense. All the warnings I got about not taking Microbiology and Pharmacology together were right- that was a very NOT fun combination. In the end though I managed a A in micro and a B+ in Pharmacology. I am sad about the B+ because it took my perfect 4.0 GPA down to a not so perfect 3.98 GPA… but because it was a B+ I should be getting a letter in 22 days saying I am accepted into the nursing program- set to graduate in May of 2015.  Two more long years and I will finally be done! 

I can’t imagine what I will do if I get that letter and it says that I didn’t get in… that would be devastating- but I am 99.9% sure I am getting in so I am ‘trying’ not to stress… trying! :-)

This semester I am only taking a English course towards my AA while I wait to begin the nursing program in August. It is going to be a long road but hopefully soooo worth it in the end! I can’t believe it has already been almost two years, a year of that would have been cut off had I paid attention in high school math and not had to take three semesters of ‘beginner style’ math classes!  

Any tips from other moms or wives on making family life more fun while being super busy with school and homework? I know once August comes I will be strapped for time!